Advanced plan of 50 hours service is mainly for new medium/big size projects.
Use this plan when you know your project will need an excessive amount of hours.

You don’t need to have/hire a full time dedicated professional on location for every little task. You can simply have us do the work you need when you need !

Plan best fit
Create / Plan / Develop / Design 97%
  • Marketing campaign

This is the ultimate plan for designing and producing a full marketing campaign.

  • Branding projects

With 50 hours plan, we can plan and design full branding materials for all your needs, online and offline (print).

  • Creative designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Logo designer
  • Promotion & events

Planning and producing promotions and events can fit fully with this plan, including tags, forms, marketing materials, coupons and more…

  • Advertising campaign

A full advertising campaigns can be accomplished with a 50 hours work around.

  • Web design

Not recommended to use this plan for web design, unless this is a small task.

  • Web development

Full website design and development in an open source platform or a medium size custom website.


Plan for small maintenances and work around

  • 10 hours


This plan is for more excessive work around and maintenance services

  • 25 HOURS


Top plan Best for multiple tasks / projects

  • 50 HOURS