Our process

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Our process

1. introduction

We research your type of project to better understand your industry / market

2. Meet & greet

In the meeting we will listen to your vision and provide our input (as a consultation)

3. Inner brainstorm

Our team will review the notes and minutes from the meeting to come up with the best service for you.

4. Review

We will submit our analysis and ideas for your review

5. Improve

Finalize the information into drafts based on previous steps

6. launch

Produce and provide with a final product



In some cases, customers already have part of the work done previously and we step into the project as producers (print/web/software). When we take a project from vision start point, to better service you, soon after our first introduction. We do some background research about the industry and market of your business.
The research involves checking your competitors and analyzing your position in reference to the market. This step helps have a more productive meeting (next step)

Meet and greet

Our meet and greet goal is absorb your input, your vision in order to have a full comprehension of the project. Only after We have asked all the questions and gathered all the information, we are ready to present you with our creatives.

inner brainstorms

We go back to our home environment and start the brainstorming process. This step is crucial to the project. It will take some time and dedication from us to come up with the best creative solutions.


All creatives and drafts created and produced are submitted for your review and approval.

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Receiving your input for our creatives and solution will send us back to the drawing table for revision and production improvements.


After all the hard work is finalized and done. We will submit the work for live production.
Websites: Move the files to a live server.
Print: send files to the print shop


Plan for small maintenances and work around

  • 10 hours


This plan is for more excessive work around and maintenance services

  • 25 HOURS


Top plan Best for multiple tasks / projects

  • 50 HOURS